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Hair Extensions Maintenance

Are hair extensions for you? Maybe your hair grows super slow or not at all. It is true that most people struggle to get their hair to grow past a certain length they struggle with fine hair and would like to add thickness. Hair extensions can be custom ordered at 4 North Beauty Collective in a variety of different lengths and colors to match your desired look. The best way to know if hair extensions are a match for you is to make a consultation appointment where you can see the hair color options and consult with one of our professionals.

Brushing It is recommended that you brush your hair a minimum of two times a day. A boar bustle brush is woks the best because you need to be gentle by the weft track. To brush your beautiful hair, start from the bottom and work your way up while securing the top or your weft to avoid tension and pulling. Brush well before you wet your hair and use a professional leave-in detangle spray that won't damage your hair.

Washing We recommend that you wait to wash your hair for 48 hours after your extension installation.

Wash your hair with Brazilian Bond Builder 3 Extension Repair Shampoo and Brazilian Bond Builder 3 Extension Repair Conditioner. After you wet your hair, take a small amount of shampoo and use your fingers to gentle massage near the track. Get in between the rows to stop any buildup from occurring. If this is difficult, you can clip your rows up, wash and let one row drop at a time. Rinse out. Next is the conditioning rinse. Start mid way down and work into the ends. Conditioner isn't needed near the scalp for two reasons. 1) Your natural oils condition your brand new baby hairs and 2) the hair on your ends is craving moisture because it is older and int his case, its your extensions. Don't scrub or unmanageable tangling may occur. Remember to focus those suds on the scalp and the conditioner on your lengthy locks!

Also, don't go to bed with wet hair because this can cause matting and nasty tangles. Nobody wants to deal with that during their morning routine.

Styling So many options with all of this new length! We recommend that you stay away from alcohol-heavy based spray, mousse, or other products. This will cause your extensions to age faster. Yes, you can use your flat iron and curling iron. Just remember to keep the heat low and finish with your favorite products from our salon! If you need recommendations, consult with your 4 North Beauty Collective professional.

Active Lifestyle Before the pool, beach, gym, ect., we recommend a bun, braid, or baseball cap. If you have plans to swim in a pool or ocean style, wet your hair and apply extension conditioner to seal it from soaking up free radicals. Wash your hair immediately after you're done.

Be you, Beautiful Beauty!

4 North Beauty Collective,

Tanya Noir

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